Field Services

  • Acquisition of Marine Geophysical Data for:
    • Bathymetric Survey
    • Environmental Baseline Studies
    • Benthic Habitat Classification
    • Geohazard Studies
  • Collection of Oceanographic Data¬† for Scientific Research
  • Collection of Sediment Cores and Grab Samples
  • Navigation and Positioning Services for:
    • Seismic Exploration
    • Reservoir Monitoring
    • Site Characterization
  • Provision of Expert Consultants for Technical Support, Logistical Support, Vessel Mobilizations, System Validations, and Client Representation

Office Services

  • Processing, Interpretation, and Reporting of Geophysical Data
  • Processing of Navigation and Positioning Data
  • GIS and Drafting Services
  • Software Development
  • Hardware Development
  • Design, Integration, and Support for Offshore Survey Systems